Best picture of the year

Nine movies are to compete for Best Picture at the Oscars this year.

The Oscar for Best Picture is one of the most expected at the Oscars award ceremony and that is why it is left until the end. Just like all awards, it is not free of controversy: the opinion of the members of the AMPAS does not always agree with all tastes.

However, everyone agrees that the great winner of the night will be the movie that manages to win the prize. These are the candidates for this year.

Watch out for spoilers!

1Call me by your name (Italy)

Young Elio, ‘Call me by your name’ lead actor, will live a life-changing Summer (Sony Pictures)

Summer of 1983, Elio spends his holidays reading, listening to music and flirting with his friend Marzia. His father, a well-known Greco-Roman culture professor, invites a young American scholar to spend the holidays with them in the family villa in northern Italy.

The arrival of Oliver will make Elio discover things about the world and about himself that he didn’t even know of. The sexual awakening of a young teenager during a summer that will change his life forever. The film is nominated for its sensitivity and its deeply moving plot.

See trailer here.

2Darkest Hour (UK)

Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in the “Darkest Hour”. (Working Title Films)

This film narrates one of the most transcendental moments of modern history. At the beginning of WW2 (1939-1945), British prime minister Winston Churchill faces a terrible dilemma.
He could sign a treaty of peace with Hitler’s Germany, thus avoiding war and its consequences for the English population, or instead be faithful to his ideals and fight to free Europe. His decision changed the course of history.

Gary Oldman’s performance starrting as Churchill is one of the most stunning parts of the movie.

See trailer here.

3Dunkirk (USA)

Thousands of soldiers could have been rescued by the beach of Dunkirk at the beginning of WW2 (Melinda Sue Gordon /AP)

Another movie with a historical theme has been nominated for Best Picture.
In 1940, on the beaches of Dunkirk (northern France), hundreds of thousands of Belgian, British and French soldiers are cornered by the advance of Nazi troops.

This episode of World War II was a defeat for the Allied side, but rather a moral victory for having been able to save almost 400,000 of those soldiers, who were evacuated.

Beyond the feat, this film was a resounding success in theaters because it narrated the facts from the personal perspective of the soldiers, without forgetting the fear, the despair and the anguish of not knowing what was going to happen to them.

See trailer here.

4Get out (USA)

Get out lead actor finds out that his girlfriend and her family are not what they seem (Blumhouse productions)

Chris is a young African-American who has a relationship with Rose, a white girl from a wealthy family. Everything seems very romantic and perfect until they visit her parents. Chris realizes that Rose’s family hides a dark secret: they kidnap young black people to transplant into them elderly people’s conscience and personality, so they can continue living.

The film is a mix between different genres: science fiction, suspense and horror. But it also contains a message of social criticism: “Get out” focuses on racism in the United States and the hypocrisy of the upper classes.
A Hollywood low-budget movie (5 million dollars) that has managed to raise more than 200 million worldwide.

Watch trailer here.

5Lady Bird (USA)

Actress Saoirse Ronan plays Lady Bird, a teenager trying to find her place in the world. (YouTube)

Another low-budge indie movie that has managed to make its way onto the bigger screens.
Young Christine McPherson with artistic aspirations who calls herself Lady Bird. She is in her last year at high school and wants to go live in the East Coast of the United States to fulfill his dreams. But her dreams clash with reality and, above all, with her mother. This is the typical movie that explains the passage of a teenager to adulthood, trying to find her own identity.

Watch tráiler here.

6Phantom Thread (USA)

Popular Reynolds Woodcock falls head over heels when he meets young Alma (Laurie Sparham / AP)

This movie is another story that revolves around WW2 (1939-1945) although this time without focusing on the war, but rather in the 1950s in post-war London.

Reynolds Woodcock is the high society’s successful tailor. He is also very successful among women, endless lovers who serve as muses to inspire him. Until he meets Alma, a young woman who will make him fall head over heels.

The film tells the story of a reserved man, used to keeping his distance from others for fear of being hurt … until he falls in love and is unable to control it.

Watch trailer here.

7The Post (USA)

The movie tells the real story of a moment in the history of US journalism. (Dreamworks)

A movie in which journalists are the heroes and where journalism makes sure that politicians act correctly and do not abuse their power.

In 1971, the main newspapers in the US confronted President Nixon, who wanted to ban the publishing of classified information. With freedom of expression at stake, Washington Post editors decided to publish a series of documents that had been kept secret for 40 years.
This story tells the struggle to protect the right of citizens to know the truth, without fearing the consequences of doing the right thing.

Watch trailer here.

8The shape of water (USA)

Is love between a human and an aquatic beast actually possible? (LVD)

The story takes place during the Cold War, a period that went on for decades at the end of World War II. At that time, the world was divided into two blocks, two opposite ways of seeing the world: the United States and the USSR (now Russia) competed to prove who the best was.

Elisa, the lead actor in the movie, is a dumb girl who works in a high-security laboratory in the United States. She has many dreams, but very few options to make them come true.
One day, she accidentally discovers a secret experiment that can give Americans an advantage over the Russians. It is a magical creature; half human, half amphibian, with whom Elisa will secretly begin a curious relationship. Another fantastic tale by the Mexican Guillermo del Toro.

Watch tráiler here.

9Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (USA & UK)

Sheriff Ebbing must face up to the accusations made by a devastated mother, even though his own problems to deal with.

A grieving mother devastated by the murder of her daughter believes that the police are not doing enough to solve the crime.
Desperate, she decides to rent three billboards on the outskirts of her town to draw the police’s attention and especially the sheriff’s, whom she accuses of being incompetent. This decision will cause great controversy and make many enemies.

The film tells a tough and cruel story, but it also shows our most human part: anger, hatred and rage at everything that goes wrong and which we don’t know how to solve.

Watch tráiler here.


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