China, emerging climate change leader

Aerial view of one of the drawings of the panda-shaped solar power plant in Datong, China. (PGEG) Comparte

The Asian Giant could fill that gap left by the USA after withdrawing from Paris Agreement

Usa’s withdrawal in Paris agreements has lead to the emerging of a new leader in the battle for climate change: China. Despite being the world’s biggest polluter, the asian giant does not want to give up.

Actually, China’s levels of pollution are dangerous.The burning of fossil fuels such as coal for energy makes the air pollution in large cities unbearable.

Clean energy sources: sun, water and wind 

In recent years, the government has invested billions of dollars in clean energy and is, at this very moment, the country with most facilities of this kind in the world.

Being such a large country as it is, China has great potential to produce green energy. Those areas that enjoy more hours of sunlight can produce photovoltaic energy, while in other further northern areas wind power can be taken advantage of.

But the largest source of renewable energy in China is not the sun or the wind, but water. Hydroelectric plants produce around 20% of the entire country’s energy.

To promote its commitment towards renewable energy, China opened this Summer a panda-shaped solar farm. In fact, 100 more panda-shaped solar farms are being built across the territory.

A long way to go

In spite of these first steps taken, many experts do not trust in China’s commitment against climate change. This country continues to be one of the world’s main coal exporters.

In addition, the laws of the Asian country still favor polluting energies, which means that part of the large investments are dedicated to this type of energy production.

The Chinese city of Shanghai, covered by a thick layer of smog. (iStock)

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