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The menstrual cup designed by Ernest Perera has won the prestigious Delta Design Award. (Enna Cycle)

A menstrual cup designed by Ernest Perera, professor at LCI School, wins a Delta Design Award for improving our everyday lives.

By Judith Vives

A menstrual cup designed by Ernest Perera, professor and head of the Product Design Area of ​​LCI Barcelona, ​​has won the Silver Delta in the ‘Products for People’ category of the prestigious Delta Awards given by the Industrial Design Association (ADI) .

The Enna Cycle menstrual cup differs from other cups by two factors that improve its usability: a patented applicator and a sterilising box.

This project demonstrates how design is not only about creating new objects, but is above all about improving those that already exist.

This is what Perera proposed when he started working on the project. During the first three months he devoted himself to researching the types of menstrual cups that already existed, getting informed about the needs of the users.

During his study, he had the help of specialists and potential users, who played a key role in the prototype design phase.

All changes and final adjustments were made following the opinions and indications of the users. That is why the cup includes an applicator and a string to facilitate use.

In addition to improving the product based on women’s needs, Perera’s design stands out for being sustainable and healthy: the cup is made of liquid medical silicone, a material that prevents the appearance of microorganisms, and can last from 6 to 10 years.

Thus, industrial design allows new ideas to be developed and promotes the use of new, more sustainable materials.

About Perera’s design, the Delta Awards jury highlighted that it is an easy, intimate and attractive system that shows empathy and connects with the user.

The Delta Awards were created in 1961 and have become the benchmark for design in the last 60 years. If you are interested in the world of industrial design and products, consult the course offer at LCI Barcelona.

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