Do not run out of battery!

Applications, updates and even the brightness of the screen can drain your battery much more than it is necessary.     (iStock)

Seven tricks to make a more sustainable use and extend the life of your cell

Are you hooked on your cell phone? With so much happening in the networks and the internet, surely you must have run out of battery more than once.

We let us tell you about a few tricks that can help extend the life of your cell… although the easiest thing might be to leave it aside and just live your life!

Lower the brightness and display

The higher the resolution of the screen, the more you drain the battery of your cell..

You can adjust the display and brightness of your screen by going to settings.

If you are not in the dark, having the display and the screen brightness running at 100% is unnecessary and uses up a lot of your battery. (Getty)

Not 0% nor 200%: avoid extremes

You needn’t wait for your cell to die out to start charging it. To extend the life your cell, it is better to charge it before the battery has completely run out.

Experts also recommend not letting the phone overload. Leaving it plugged in for hours will not make it work longer, but quite the opposite: it can damage the battery and shorten its life.

And, of course, always use certified chargers or those of the same brand as your cell. Copies can damage the battery and, incidentally, your smartphone.

Using fakes to charge your cell can damage its battery (Getty)

Wi-Fi in Wi-Fi

To save mobile data, it is easier to go from Wi-Fi in Wi-Fi: be it at home, in the classroom, at work, in the library, in the mall…

However, if it is not essential, it is best that you remember to disable the Wi-Fi network sensor because it drains the phone’s battery; as with Bluetooth connection or the GPS nav.

Watch out for the Sun!

High temperatures are one of the factors that most harm the batteries of electronic devices.

When you’re away from home, do not let your cell phone in the sun… and when you’re indoors, keep it away from stoves or radiators.

Keep control of apps…

Every time you use an app, remember to close it. Sometimes we just keep opening windows on our cell and, without even realizing it, we end up with a dozen apps all running at the same time: WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Internet search engine, the camera, the game you are hooked on …

All this causes the phone to use up twice as much battery. In settings you can also see how much battery each apps is using up and decide if you want to delete any.

Instead, there are some apps that detect when battery is running low and automatically close up all the apps that are consuming it.

In addition to taking up space, the applications and their updates consume a lot of battery. (Getty Images)

Updates… please watch out!

The updates of some programs and apps are automatically activated without us realizing and drain the battery of our cells.

Whenever you buy a new phone and download a new app, remember to activate the manual update option. This way you can control battery usage and at the same time storage.

Reset: your last option

If you have tried everything and the mobile still does not respond, there’s just one thing left for you to try: reset to factory settings.

It is the drastic option, because you will have to delete all your data and apps, but this way you’ll make sure that your phone is clean and that there is no program draining your battery without you knowing it.

But, before for the reset option, just remember to make a backup copy! Surely there are many videos, photos and memes that you won’t want to lose…

It is recommended to make a backup from time to time, even if the cell phone is working, so as to avoid losing all of your files should anything happen. (Getty)

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