Erasmus, a life in months

Erasmus students live a unique experience abroad in a new country. (Getty)

Thanks to the university exchange program, young Europeans can get to know another culture, a different educational system and make friends from different countries

“Once you have traveled, the journey never ends, but it is recreated again and again from showcases with memories. The mind can never detach itself from the trip, “said writer Pat Conroy.

One of the most exciting trips that young Europeans can take is an academic exchange between universities in the EU, known as Erasmus. The program celebrated its 30 years in 2017.

During their stay, students receive a scholarship and will get to know another culture, language, a different Education system and people from all over the world.

But more than that, they will get to know themselves, being in situations that perhaps they have never lived before.

More chances of getting a Job

As well as learning a new language, Erasmus students must be very flexible and adapt to adverse situations. They must also interact with people from very different contexts, which forces them to be more open-minded and tolerant.

These types of skills are highly valued in the job market. According to the Erasmus Impact Study, unemployment among students who have done an Erasmus is 23% lower.

There are those who say that an academic exchange is not only one-time deal, but a life in months. Life is a roller coaster with many more loops when you decide to leave your comfort zone.

When you leave behind your home, your family and your lifelong friends, there will be difficult experiences, especially at the beginning when you do not know anyone. But there will also be experiences that will become an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Interrail, an unforgettable Trip

If you do not want to travel during the academic year, there is also the possibility of a shorter trip. The Interrail is a train pass that opens the door to new destinations, cultures and friendships throughout Europe. There are more than 40,000 destinations in 30 countries.

Young travelling by train (Getty)

This year about 15,000 young people of 18 years, EU citizens, will be selected to travel for free in Europe this summer, thanks to a new initiative funded by the EU.

Young people can travel up to 30 days and visit between one and four destinations in the EU. The places you will visit in these trips and their experiences will be something you will remember forever.

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