“Fake news’ also affect Climate Change

The scientific community agrees that the main people responsible for climate change are us, humans. (iStock)

The deniers create and spread false news to boycott the fight against global warming

As he had already announced during his election campaign, Donald Trump has withdrawn the US from the Paris agreement. Trump has stated several times that climate change is a hoax and he himself is an example of the millions of people who question global warming.

The scientific community has proved once again that climate change is a reality and that humans are responsible, but the denial position has been fueled by fake news.

In spite of the fact that 95% of the scientific community agrees that climate change is real and caused by humans, only 55% of the US population believes that human activity produces global warming, according to a study by Yale University.

Spreading fake news to confuse

For years, ultraconservative pressure groups have distributed fake news spreading the idea that climate change is caused by natural phenomena. Thus, some industries can continue to operate (and pollute) without considering their environmental impact.

A remarkable case is that of Dr. Wei-Hock Soon, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. This researcher thrived after publishing a series of articles in which he argued that global warming is caused by an increase in solar activity.

The scientific community quickly denied his arguments and the case ended scandalously when it was finally revealed that the work of Dr. Wei-Hock Soon had been financed by oil companies.

In their fight agains misinformation, the scientific community has launched several websites where those myths most used by the deniers are turned down one by one.

53% of the US population believes that the main cause of global warming is human activity. (2016). (Yale Climate Opinion Maps)

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