A Great sense of humour

Stephen Hawking had a great sense of humor and was a big fan of 'The Simpsons', a series in which he had his own character. (Youtube)

Stephen Hawking became a very popular character who appeared in a great deal of TV series

Stephen Hawking was one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, but he also had a great sense of humor. A degenerative disease put him in a wheelchair from a young age, but this also taught him to be humble and to laugh at himself.

Therefore, whenever he felt fit, he made public appearances, went on TV shows and even participated in a cartoon as himself.

Let alone his scientific theories, it was Hawking’s wit that amazed everyone.

The Galaxy Song

The Monty Python are a group of English comedians known for their intelligent and surreal sense of humor. Some of their most famous films are The Holy Grail  (1975) o Life of Brian (1979).

Stephen Hawking, great fan of the Monty Python, took part in one of their last shows. During the performance of Galaxy Song, a song that talks about the origins of the universe, Hawking made a star appearance and even dared to sing part of the lyrics.

The Big Bang Theory

Hawking revolutionized theoretical physics with his ideas on the formation of the universe, black holes and time. But above all it helped to make science become more popular and got people interested in it.

The TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory does the same through humor. The characters of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj look up to Stephen Hawking as their god, and Hawking appeared in several episodes to confirm it.

Travel in time

A Lover of futuristic science fiction stories as he was, Stephen Hawking was also a big fan of the Star Trek series. When he went to visit the set of the series, he asked to be taken out of his wheelchair and allowed to sit on the command chair aboard the Enterprise ship.

He was so excited, he even asked the producers if he could play a part in the series. The scriptwriters wrote a scene in which Data is playing cards with holograms of some of history’s great physicists: Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and, of course, Stephen Hawking.

One Direction break-up and its effect on the cosmos

Stephen Hawking would fill theatres worldwide. Physicists, astronomers and mathematicians came to hear what was new in his theories, but the best thing was that you did not have to be a scientist to understand him. That was the key to his success.

At a conference in 2015, shortly after a member of One Direction had left the band, a young woman asked him what consequences would the band’s break-up have on the cosmos apart from the disappointment of thousands of teenagers.

Far from feeling outraged by the question, Hawking responded by explaining the possibility of a parallel universe in which One Direction members were still together and in which the girl was married to one of them.

Yellow Stephen Hawking

When a real character appears in The Simpsons, it is because he has an international reputation. Hawking was a big fan of the series and gave permission to the writers to make him appear in several chapters, in which the brilliant scientist must constantly deal with Homer Simpson’s nonsense.

This scene plays with the idea that Hawking is the most intelligent person on the planet, but at the same time he does make fun of his own limitations. In the end, he even ends up showing interest in Homer’s idea of a donut-shaped universe.

When 2+2 make 5

The character of Stephen Hawking became so popular, that it is even used in kid’s cartoons. In this episode of The Fairly OddParents, we can see how a drawing of Stephen Hawking appears to contradict a rather unpleasant maths teacher.

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