How are interactive experiences designed?

An interactive table of the Tourist Office of Pineda. (Municipality of Pineda)

The design of digital projects is an innovative professional path with a future

By Judith Vives

In the new digital age, many of our experiences are interactive.

Think of the large number of apps that we use with our mobiles, but also of the screens and panels that we interact with in many stores, restaurants and hotels, or even bus stops.

Behind all of these interactive experiences, there is a creative figure who is in charge of designing them. They are designers who go beyond traditional techniques to enter the technological field.

Their job is to explore and develop advanced digital projects, thinking of the new ways in which we interact with technology and with the world.

“It’s about knowing how to connect graphic interfaces with physical interaction and applying it to sectors like catering, retail and hospitality,” explains Natàlia Heredia, director of the Official Master’s Degree in Creation and Development of Digital Projects at LCI Barcelona.

A digital project might consist, for example, of creating interactive screens for a clothing store in which complementary information on the products is offered to customers.

We might see another practical application in the restaurant of a hospital centre, where a screen is able to recommend menus adapted to the needs of hospitalised patients.

 Technology at the service of the user

“The basis may be the development of a website or an app, but it goes further because then it connects the interaction with the physical world,” explains Heredia. In the development of digital projects, other disciplines come into play such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality.

It’s not only about having knowledge of design and technology, but also about observing the context in which people move at economic, social and trend levels, to understand the users, their needs and the evolution of their tastes.

If you are interested in design and want to be up-to-date, find out more about the Master’s Degree in Creation and Development of Digital Projects at LCI Barcelona. It can help you update your professional career and become a designer of interactive digital projects.

The master offers training in the design of graphical user interfaces (UI / UX Designer) and the creation of websites and apps (HTML, CSS and Javascript), as well as working with open source software like Arduino.But, above all, it prepares you to manage innovative design projects with a great future. 

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