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Trinity College London exams evaluate the skills of each student. (Getty)

The ISE exam of Trinity College London focuses on students’ competencies and abilities

By Judith Vives

Teaching methods and activities have changed a lot in recent years. Nowadays, great importance is given to the development of students’ competencies and abilities, rather than other techniques like memorization.

In competency-based learning, the acquired knowledge is demonstrated through our abilities. Or, in other words, it is about practical testing of what we have learned.

Competencies for learning languages

Experts in pedagogy and education are in favour of an educational model based on the development of competencies, which addresses each student’s educational process and integral development.

In an interview with La Vanguardia, psychologist Robert Slavin defended this model of cooperative education, in which each student is able to develop his or her own skills.

More and more schools and academies prioritize competency-based learning, but this type of teaching also applies to other areas such as language learning, for example.

The ISE exam (Integrated Skills in English) is a good example of this new approach to learning English.

This exam is especially focused on the practical use of English, above all for the oral and written parts. It is not just about gaining specific knowledge of the English language, but also about being able to apply this knowledge in a real situation.

In this exam, instead of completing academic exercises, students have to perform real tasks. For example, one exercise could be responding to a letter based on previous information: the student will have to know how to write correctly and be able to communicate content and ideas.

Competency-based learning is a truly effective way to learn English and motivates students to learn to communicate in real life.

At Trinity College London, they can advise you on everything you need to prepare for this exam. On their website you will find much more information.

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