Message to the Universe

Since 1977, the Voyager probe travels through space carrying some golden records containing information about the Earth, so that aliens that may discover it can get to know of our existence. (NASA)

Several gold records travel through space waiting to be found by aliens

For thousands of years, people from Earth look up at the sky wondering: are we actually alone in the universe?

The existence of life on other planets is a question that many scientists have been working on for decades. Thinking about that possibility, in 1977 different Golden records were sent to space aboard the Voyager probe.

These records contain information on humans and our lifestyle: images of scientific interests like for example the human anatomy, DNA, the Solar System, mathematical formulas

There are also recordings of sounds from Earth like a storm, birds chirping and songs of different styles and times, plus a greeting in 55 different languages.

This time capsule will take 40,000 years to reach the nearest star to our Solar System. It might seems like a long time, but by then, we may have learned to travel back in time to arrive earlier …

Here you can look up all the information we have sent into the space: photos, recordings, mathematical formulas, songs, symphonies, welcome messages …

Translated by Chaplin’s Languages | Find out more in Junior Report


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