Short films to promote fashion

One of the designs from the collection ‘The Project’ by Julia Velazquez. (Enzo David Pla Iriarte / Julia Velazquez)

The Barcelona Fashion Film Festival awards Hippocampus, a fashion film made by designer Julia Velázquez

By Judith Vives

In recent years, fashion films have become a trend in the fashion sector.

These are small short films of between 1 and 15 minutes that serve designers and big brands to present a new product or collection with an innovative concept.

“It’s an alternative way of understanding advertising, in which the idea behind ​​a collection is transformed into a story explained with a cinematographic style in order to create an emotion and reach the audience,” explains the designer Julia Velázquez.

Ex-alumna of LCI Barcelona, ​​Julia Velázquez was the winner of the Best Emerging Art Direction Award at the recent Barcelona Fashion Film Festival for her film Hippocampus.

In addition, the film got second place in the categories of Best Emerging Photography and Best Emerging Styling. 

Fashion film and tribute to Pamplona 

Hippocampus is the fashion film with which this young designer wanted to present The Project collection, created as the final project of her fashion studies.

It is a practical, organised and elegant collection, which stands out for its visual aspect. All the garments share a connection, a message that Julia also wanted to convey through her fashion film.

In Hippocampus we can see a young woman in her everyday life, where the comic and surreal elements are combined with the most ordinary. Julia Velázquez had the support of director Santi G. Barros and director of photography Jorge Rojas.

The designer shot the fashion film in real locations of Pamplona, ​​her hometown, like the popular Café Iruña, her family home, or the market where she often shops. The short film culminates in the Sierra del Perdón with spectacular images of the windmills.

 A very personal collection 

The protagonist of the short film wears The Project collection dresses, through which the designer also wanted to give personal details. Thus, she not only designed the different models, but was involved in other parts of the process.

For example, she was in charge of creating a colour palette, dyeing by hand most of the fabrics, and making ceramic buttons and earrings.

In addition, she created the prints from photographs that she took herself of objects and places that also form a part of her world and her experiences, such as the views from her house or her grandmother’s vase.

The collection has already attracted the attention of celebrities such as Amaia Romero, the OT winner, who has worn two of The Project dresses at concerts.

The project was presented on the 080 Barcelona 2018 runway, at Navarra Fashion Week, and won an award at Berlin Fashion Week 2018. The collection also got a prize in the Youth Art Encounter contest in Navarra, where they awarded the fashion film.

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