Technology that you wear

The Jabe bracelet alerts you to panic attacks. (LCI Barcelona)

Wearables are pieces of clothing or accessories that incorporate electronic technology

By Judith Vives

Because of its appearance, it looks like a bracelet or watch, but it has a built-in electronic device to detect and prevent anxiety attacks. This is “Jabe“, a device designed by Enara Agirrezabala, a student of the Master’s Degree in Technological Product Design at LCI Barcelona.

Jabe is an example of the so-called ‘wearables‘. This word refers to electronic devices that we wear as a piece of clothing or an accessory.

Wearables are closely linked to the fashion industry, since they are linked to the body and trends.

The wearables boom

Although they have been around since the 70s, it was not until 2010 that wearables began to shine.

The mobile and iPod that we carry with us everywhere are not considered wearables, but there are many other examples: the smart watches that measure our pulse when we exercise, or the trainers with built-in GPS.

There are also bags with a solar charger for mobiles and shirts with a thermometer to take an ill person’s temperature, among many other items.

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– Proyecto: "Jabe". – Estudiante: Enara Agirrezabala (@enarak_hegan). – Programa: Máster Oficial en Diseño de Producto Tecnológico (en colaboración con #Eurecat). – Descripción: Se trata de un dispositivo en forma de pulsera que ayuda a detectar y prevenir ataques de pánico gracias a su tecnología, capaz de medir la actividad electrodermal del cuerpo (EDA, conductividad de la piel) y la variabilidad del ritmo cardíaco. El sensor de presión textil incorporado actúa como botón de ayuda que activa el modo de respiración guiada mediante luz para la recuperación del control. Todo ello con una interfaz intuitiva y estética. . . . #school #design #product #productdesign #productdesigner #master #mastersdegree #officialmaster #technologicalproductdesign #technology #tech #student #alumni #project #jabe #bracelet #anxiety #panicattack #eda #heartbeat #sensor #interface #talent #creativity #proud #fromdreamerstomakers #makeithappen #thisisforthedesigners

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Technology for health

In the case of Jabe, the wearable alerts us to possible anxiety attacks by measuring our vital signs. To avoid attacks, light signals regulate the rate of breathing enough to overcome this critical moment.

The amazing thing is that it has a built-in pressure sensor and light feedback. With this technology, Jabe can measure the body’s electrodermal activity (EDA, skin conductivity) and heart rate variability, to warn of and prevent a possible anxiety attack.

But it is also a bracelet designed as an aesthetic accessory and the user can choose between three different models.

This bracelet has been chosen as the best final project of the Master’s Degree in Technological Product Design at LCI Barcelona.

In this Master’s degree, you learn all that is necessary to conceive technological product design projects that provide real and effective solutions to individuals or society.

If you want to dedicate yourself to the world of fashion and technology, this training is for you. Find out more at LCI Barcelona!

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