The Dream Golden Statuette

As much as all the nominees would love to, just a few lucky ones will be taking the Oscar home. (Ralf Hirschberger / Getty)

The most famous award in the world is 34 cm tall and weighs 4kg

“I would lie to you if I said that this was the first time I’m making this speech. I already did it at the age of 8 in front of the bathroom mirror holding a shampoo bottle. But this now is not a shampoo bottle! That’s how actor Kate Winslet started off when she won the Oscar for best actor in 2009.

It is a good sign that all nominees dream of taking the famous golden statuette home. But where does this statuette really come from?

The prize was born shortly after the founding of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the United States in 1927. The idea was to create a series of awards that would prize the best productions.

The award was designed by Cedric Gibbons, the artistic director of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer film company, and sculptor George Stanley was responsible for shaping it.

At first, the award was called the Academy Award for Merit, but over the years it ended up being called by its star name “Oscar”. There are several theories on how it actually got to being called this way.

In these 90 years of history, the statuette remains faithful to its original design and only the base on which it is put has been modified.

The trophy represents a knight with a sword on top of a film roll, which represents the five specialties in cinema: producers, directors, scriptwriters, actors and technicians.

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The statuette little more than 34 centimeters tall, weighs 3.85 kilos and is made of bronze with a 24-carat gold layer. It was only during the Second World War, due to the lack of metal that the trophies were made with painted plaster.

For some years, the winners must sign a contract stating that they cannot sell the figure without first offering it to the Film Academy, which has a purchase priority on it and that has given it a symbolic value of 1 dollar.

Although the number of nominees and categories is already known before the gala, it is very difficult to know how many statuettes will be given out because it is not known how many people actually share a prize. Those remaining are kept in the Academy until next year’s event.

So far more than 3,000 Oscars have been awarded. Who will be this year’s lucky ones?

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