The man on the moon: true or “fake news”?

The remains of the lunar module rest on the surface surrounded by the traces left by Apollo 17 mission astronauts. (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

There are many theories that say that the 1969 moon expedition was a set-up

It’s almost 50 years since that first step taken by Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Part of the equipment used in the 1969 expedition was left on the lunar surface and has been photographed by later space missions.

These images, alongside the lunar rocks that the Apollo spacecraft brought back to Earth, are an irrefutable proof of this small step made by man but a great leap for humanity.

However, a small group of people has managed to cast some doubt on all of this…

Fake news before Internet

The conspiracy theories on the moon landing began immediately after the Apollo missions with the book We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle, published in 1976 .

Since then, many books and documentaries have appeared with alternative (and false) explanations to deny the evidence. One of the best known is that of Bart Sibrel, a taxi driver from Nashville who accused astronaut Buzz Aldrin of being a liar and who ended up getting punched for his accusations.

NASA and the scientific community have responded with scientific evidence. A good example is the special Mythbuster program, in which the arguments most used by conspirators are turned down one by one.

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