Time Travel to the future from the Mobile World Congress

Virtual reality was one of last year’s latest and most commented developments What’s new in this 2018 MWC? (Àlex Garcia)

As well as phones, the congress introduces amazing innovative devices and virtual tools

Technology makes our everyday lives easier. Sometimes, besides helping us in the present, it can bring us to the future and give us surprising moments.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the most important mobile phone conference in the world, but it also serves to present the latest technological developments andm digital trends: clothing and accessories with built-in internet, smart homes, drones …

At 2018 MWC we will be able to see some of the most innovative gadgets. Here are some of the candidates:


A smart camera

Can you imagine a camera that can detect smiles, movement or even your pet and take perfectly-timed pictures whenever it is needed?

Google Clips is an AI-equipped camera: thanks to its machine learning mechanism, the device learns to recognize the faces to take photos and short videos. So nobody has to worry about taking the picture: you can all be in it without having to stretch your arm too much to make a selfies.


Glasses to mix reality

Augmented reality (AR) glasses allow us to mix our world with other ones. The universe can be at your fingertips or you can even see and answer your messages with Magic Leap One.

The glasses have sensors and cameras that allow you to interact with the projection. It also incorporated headphones and a tiny round pocket computer.


Latest Mobile phones

The latest state-of-the-art mobile phones will also be presented at the Mobile World Congress. In this year’s edition, one of the biggest expected are the latest Samsung models: the Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

You’ll also get to see smartphones from companies like Sony, with the expected curved model XZ2 and XZ2 Pro. Motorola will be announcing its update for the Moto G6.

The Galaxy S9 will take good pics in low light and high-speed video recording. (iStock)


Following in the MWC 2017’s footsteps

At last year’s congress, very interesting gadgets were presented that blended technology with everyday objects such as clothing, to make our everyday routine easier and even save our lives!

The IoT Safety Jacket: a smart jacket that contains a heart-rate sensor, a GPS location system and a 7-year battery life. If there is an accident, the jacket alerts a control call center that sends a rescue team.

The IoT Safety Jacket can help save lives in the mountains. (TravGear.com)

Another gadget that drew attention was the “Cognitive Dress”, a smart wedding dress that changes color depending on what’s happening on Twitter.

The dress is equipped with a set of red LED lights that are connected through to the internet with the bride’s user account or through key words.

If the comments and posts on the bride’s social networks are positive, the dress turns pink; if they are enthusiastic comments, it turns blue; yellow for motivating posts and purple, for curious comments.

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