Tips for studying English

If you want to study English, there are a number of factors that you must take into account to achieve your objectives. (Getty)

Taking into account your level of English, your objectives and how to put them into practice will help you get further

By Judith Vives

In the month of September, we tend to make great resolutions and take on new challenges, such as learning English.

If you have already made the decision to take an English course, these tips may interest you: we explain everything you need to consider before you start studying English.

What do you need it for?

Nowadays, English is a more than useful language: it is almost mandatory to surf the internet, travel and meet people from around the world, and even in your own city.

On the other hand, mastering English is important for your professional future and can open the door to endless work opportunities.

Furthermore, if you speak English you will be able to better understand song lyrics and see your favorite series and films in the original version.

 Who are you going to study with?

The most common thing for those who want to learn English is to sign up with an academy, but this is not the only option. If you are looking for teaching that is 100% adapted to your pace and needs, you can look for a private teacher.

Whether you choose an academy or private classes, consider aspects such as whether the teachers are native and whether they speak British or American English.

The methodology and format of the classes is also important; in the case of academies, the fewer students there are in each group, the more personalised the teaching will be.

You can also study on your own, looking for tutorials on the internet and using the many applications and platforms that exist today.

Put English into practice

 To learn English, it’s not enough to sign up for some classes: you have to practice the language whenever you can. You can participate in exchanges and meetings where you can practice through conversation.

Don’t forget to read in English and practice listening by watching films or series in the original version. Thanks to the internet, you will find thousands of options for television and radio channels that will help you to improve your comprehension.

Finally, a good option may be to take a trip to an English-speaking country to put your level of English into practice.

Set goals for yourself

Something very important to advance is to set objectives and focus on achieving them. One objective can be to obtain an official certificate or, if you already have one, to raise your level to obtain a higher certification.

Currently there are different types of exams and different levels of linguistic competence. Among the different English exams, Trinity College London tests stand out, as they have international recognition and are adapted to your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact Trinity College London with all of your doubts about the exams and English certificates that exist. Let’s go!

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