Trump’s truths and lies

Donald Trump asegura que es víctima de una campaña de ‘fake news’ por parte de medios de comunicación de todo el mundo. (Spencer Platt / AFP)

US president uses information as his weapon to attack those against him

US President, Donald Trump, does not leave anyone indifferent. His comments usually have no filters: he says what he thinks without thinking too much about the consequences, even if it is politically incorrect.

Before winning the elections, Trump accused the major media groups in the United States of favoring his opponent, Hillary Clinton: “I do not only have to face fake Hillary, but also corrupt and dishonest media and a government that protects her. People know!

The reality of the “alternative facts”

Already settled in the White office Oval Office, Trump and his government team have now opted for another strategy to face criticism: accuse the media of lying and create fake news to harm them.

But that’s not it: to respond to criticism, Trump’s communication team responds with “alternative facts” that contradict the information of the media that do not support him. The problem is that these “alternative facts” often do not coincide with reality.

In recent months, Trump has made numerous statements and accusations that the media has been denying: for example that his inauguration day was the busiest of all presidents, that he has never had dealings with Russia, that climate change is an invention by China to harm the US economy…

But the new US president understands the power of information very well and, above all, of infoxication: saturating citizens with contradictory information to create a state of confusion.

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