What kind of English exams are there?

There are different exams to prove your level of English knowledge. (Getty)

We share the differences between the skill levels and the types of exams

By Judith Vives

“The B2 level of English is equivalent to the First Certificate“. Surely you have heard it more than once, but in reality they are two different things. On the one hand, there are exams that you can take to get an English qualification and, on the other hand, there is the level of linguistic competence that you have achieved.

In this article we explain the differences, but the first thing you have to know is the Common European Framework of Reference (known as CEFR).

This European standard is used as a reference to measure the level of comprehension and expression, oral and written, of any language. The CEFR consists of 6 levels: three blocks (basic level or A, independent or B and competent or C), which are divided into two sub-levels, 1 and 2.

For example, when you start to learn a language you have an A1 level of English, while if you master it perfectly you will probably have a C2.

Another thing is the level exams you can take to get an English certification. In this case, it is concrete evidence with which you can show your level of competence.

Types of exams

There are currently many types of English exams, among which Trinity College London and Cambridge exams stand out for their prestige and international recognition.

Another well-known exam is the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), a test that assesses knowledge of the language and understanding for the academic environment. Many academic institutions ask for the TOEFL as an admission requirement for foreign students.

Founded in 1875, Trinity College London is one of the most prestigious examining organisations on the international scene and the first examining committee in the world.

What makes Trinity special is that it offers multiple possibilities to the student, such as advancing their learning of the language through a combination of English with theater studies or music of any style.

Trinity English exams are divided into two major groups, the ISE exams (which include oral and written tests) and the GESE exams (oral only).

The certifications of this organisation are recognised in the education sector, by universities and companies nationally and internationally. If you are thinking about starting an English course, ask your academy about accessing their exams.

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