Your everyday life, in English

The most useful thing about learning English is that you know how to use the language in normal situations that happen in your day-to-day life. (Getty)  

Beyond vocabulary and grammar, the most important thing is knowing how to express yourself in everyday situations 

By Judith Vives

You can learn all the verbs, practice spelling, and study all the grammar… but if you are not able to express yourself in English and understand what they are saying to you, all the effort is worthless.

The ability to learn a language like English and apply it in a useful way to your everyday life is achieved when you work with the necessary communication skills.

Without them, all the grammar and vocabulary you learn will be of little use. 

Without communication skills you won’t be able to speak English with confidence in real situations 

After all, when you talk to someone in English, it’s almost always in everyday situations: on a trip to London, chatting with foreign friends, when watching a series or a movie in the original language, or to understand the song lyrics of your favorite group.

Other communication skills, such as empathy and persuasion, are enhanced with a greater command of the language. For example, if you have to present a project or go to a job interview, you will be much more successful if you master these skills to adapt to the situation. 

In other words: having the foundation of English is important, but above all it’s the communication skills that will help you to manage each situation. 

Betting on the future 

Working on your communication skills will not only let you get the most out of your English.

According to the World Economic Forum, the workers of the future will have more opportunities for employment if they have skills related to intelligence, creativity and communication.

In 2020, the 10 skills that will be most valued when hiring will be related to the ability to communicate and adapt to the person we are with in order to negotiate, solve problems, guide solutions and take decisions.

So, in addition to learning English – an essential language for your future – you have to develop communication skills.

Luckily, there are examining institutions such as Trinity College London that offer an assessment focused on the development of these skills in English. Don’t leave it for tomorrow, see what exams they have for you and learn to speak English as if it were your mother tongue!

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